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Customisation for Vim Editor

· One min read

When doing some simple programming, I like to use the Vim editor instead of using a full-blown IDE. It's a good editor but I want to use it more efficiently. Some of the things I customise for myself are:

  • auto indentation - this is a must for programmers
  • tab size - to indent I use the tab key but different applications represent the tab character with different number of spaces; I like mine to be 4
  • I like my colours to be different

These settings are saved in a file named .vimrc in each user's home directory. Simply save the vi commands in this file to have your customisation. But remember to remove the semicolons. Below is my .vimrc contents to achieve my customisation.

set tabstop=4 set autoindent colorscheme wombat

wombat is a colour scheme file which I saved in the directory /usr/share/vim/vim71/colors/.

P.S. While searching for some help on setting the file types in Vim, I found this page in that describes the tips a programmer would use. It's unbelievably useful. Do check it out if you use vi editor!

Another page with some useful tips is