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Docking the Open Office Styles Panel

One of the weirdest artifacts about Open Office has to be the Styles and Formatting panel. It’s a panel right? Like the one for tables that appear when your cursor is placed inside a table cell. So, it should like behave like them when you drag it to the edge of the window and dock to that edge right? Strangely enough it doesn’t. And don’t bother adjusting your mouse because you thought “I must have not dragged the panel correctly.”

The right way to dock this panel to your document window is to hold down the Control button on your keyboard and double-click on an area of the panel. Take note to do so on an area of the panel – I don’t think it will work if you double-clicked on a button.

After the panel is docked, you can then drag to dock at a different side of the window. To undock the panel, simply drag it away from the side towards the centre.

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