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A collection of UI design snippets for inspiration.

Access control library for Java, JavaScript and Go.

Library for working with Google App Engine and Datastore.

A simple Web app to help simplify the calculation of pro-rated salaries.

Plugin for swiping elements on touch screen devices.

UI Case Study 12

full image

I chose this design also because of the way the simplistic illustrations look more interesting with some accents in the background.

button grid
Notice the stripes of accents?

Then I saw the coloured shadow…

button with a coloured shadow

… and the dots.

dots on background

It was then I realised this is made by the same author.

This time round, I don't like the coloured shadow as much. In fact I think there are too many colours in this design shouting for attention.

variation of the hamburger/menu icon

There was one thing I liked in this design, and that is the menu icon in the top-left corner. The diagonally-aligned spaces in the top and bottom line in that icon helps to indicate that it is a sliding menu. How come no one thought about this before?