Tech and Biz Ramblings

Side projects that I've embarked on over the years.

As a non-designer who has to design, I am putting together this collection of UI snippets of pretty design which are, importantly, easy to emulate. The idea for this collection is to build up a repertoire of design techniques that can be easily applied. This is useful for those moments where you simply do not have the inspiration, idea or energy to think of something new. “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

Archly is a library for creating hierarchy-based access control lists (ACLs). This concept is inspired by the Access Control Lists I first saw from CakePHP. It is a drop-in solution where you want access control based on individuals and groups, and with access inheritance. The library is available for Java, JavaScript and Go.

GAE is my first attempt at writing a helper library for working with the Google App Engine platform and the Datastore. This was written a long time ago before I got familiar with Go and its conventions. If the opportunity arises, I will be re-writing this library again.

Cactus App is a simple Web app designed to help simplify the calculation of pro-rated salaries. It helps the user by removing the need to perform workday calculation for a month. Right now, it only handles the case where the workdays are from Mondays to Fridays.

This is a plugin that I had written for SitePoint relating to the use of touch interface for swiping elements horizontally. It was a two-part article (Part One and Part Two). The accompany demos (demo 1 and demo 2) are here. (The demos only work on touch screen devices.)