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Case Study 8

full image

The most interesting thing about this mockup to me is the use of complementary colours for the icons.

extract of the icons
Examples of icons enclosed with a circle

The icons are quite small, and quite unfamiliar to most people. Enclosing each one within a circle helps to "enlarge" the icon and makes it more visually identifiable as an icon as they then have the same outline.

icon with a circle that is too light to be visible

The choice of the colour for the circle is important. Take for example this one on the left: the blue is nearly indistinguishable from the white background. The blue for the icon can be of a darker hue so that the circle can also be more visible.

interesting use of overlapping icons
Overlapping icons
interesting use of overlapping icons
Without the circles

Another interesting use of such an icon is when they are placed side-by-side and have them overlap the other slightly.

This method allows the association of multiple icons for an item on screen, and still have it make sense. Without the circles, this technique can look quite bland.