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Battle at Kruger

· One min read

This is one of the most amazing video of nature I have ever seen. Over the years I've watched countless nature documentaries, many of which are on the savanna with the lions, buffaloes, giraffes, and elephants roaming free. This video clip from YouTube below beats them all.

I've watched a pride of lions hunt down a buffalo calf from its mother.

I've watched the mother coming back for the calf in an attempt to rescue it, and failed.

I've watched a pride of lionesses take on an adult buffalo.

I've watched lions crossing paths with a crocodile.

But I've never, never seen a lion hunting a buffalo calf, and then dropping into the river together! Nor an entire herd of buffaloes attack a pride of lions, with a lioness thrown into the air! To add icing on the cake, a crocodile "guest-starred" in this fantastic episode of nature.

Although it is only 8 minutes long, and the footage is captured on amateur equipment, the contents of this clips more than makes up for it. Nature lovers, this is a must-see!