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Zend Framework Testing with PHPUnit – Setup

· 13 min read

Finally, I've started on the follow-up post on Zend Framework Unit Testing (link to previous post)! After a whooping four months. I've been really busy - perhaps with the wrong reason. Anyway, this post shall follow up on the previous post by continuing on the AllTests.php file that was created at the end of the last post.

Readers who are first time users of Zend Framework should find this and the last post helpful in getting your feet wet with unit testing with Zend Test. The focus of this post is on preparing the setup and teardown phases of the testing sequence.

Zend Framework Testing with PHPUnit - Installation

· 5 min read

This post describes how to set up automated testing with Zend Test and PHPUnit. The latter is a unit testing package for PHP applications done in PHP. I had searched for posts on how to do this but there weren't any easy-to-understand or straightforward examples to follow, so I decided to write one myself. This post will thus be written in a way that newbies are able to get a test working straight away by following the examples in this article. After reviewing the length of the post, I decided to break this article into several smaller ones that are much easier to digest. It'll be easier for you to get to specific information with smaller articles rather than a large one as well.

I hope this post will help some newbie down the road. Bear in mind that I'm no expert on this - only enough to get it working (and maybe to screw up, which I hope doesn't happen.) So if I make any mistakes, please point them out and I will make amendments where necessary. If you have something to ask or simply want to share, please comment at the end of the post. Hope you find the following useful!

Using Zend Framework with jQuery to do Auto-Completion

· 5 min read

This post describes how you can perform text field auto-completion with Zend Framework (ZF) and jQuery. To make full use of this post, you will need to have a working knowledge of Zend Framework and of jQuery. You don't need to be an expert at using them though cos if you do, you probably won't be reading this post. Here goes.

The basic assumptions here are that you've got your application running on the Zend Framework already and that your jQuery script is placed in the right place which means all your view scripts can access jQuery code.