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TypeScript "No overload matches this call."

· 15 min read

This is normally an easy problem to fix. However, when it isn't easily fixed, trying to find the solution is difficult because the cause is typically not obvious.


This example here is one manifestation of such problems seen with TypeScript. Here, the problem occurs when FormData is used together with Object.fromEntries. E.g.

const form = as HTMLFormElement;
const formData = new FormData(form);
const data = Object.fromEntries(formData);

The IDE shows a wriggly line on formData with the following message:

No overload matches this call.
Overload 1 of 2, '(entries: Iterable<readonly [PropertyKey, any]>): { [k: string]: any; }', gave the following error.
Argument of type 'FormData' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Iterable<readonly [PropertyKey, any]>'.
Property '[Symbol.iterator]' is missing in type 'FormData' but required in type 'Iterable<readonly [PropertyKey, any]>'

No overload matches this call

Two things to check:

  1. Ensure that in tsconfig.json, the lib option contains minimally these two values in the array: DOM and DOM.Iterable (case-insensitive).
  2. If the tsconfig.json file contains the references option, check the lib option in the locations specified under references as well.