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Nathanian Inspiration

· 2 min read

A year and a half ago, I bought a book Designing Web Applications. The author of the book is Nathan Barry.

Recently, I started seriously using Draft for writing an article for a publishing site. While searching for help on the site, I chanced upon the blog of the creator of the software, Nathan Kontny.

Both of these guys are great software developers and writers, and are generous in sharing their personal knowledge and experience.

Reading through their blogs gives me great inspiration on developing and improving myself. Nathan Barry seems to have transitioned to a role more vested in writing and selling his written works. Nathan Kontny is, dare I say, "all in" with his Web application while writing on the sidelines.

I have actually went through all of Nathan Kontny's posts in his blog to pick up all his inspirational, real-life experiences. These posts of his are really thought-provoking and usually carry nuggets of wisdom at the same time. Every article I read has me thinking "Why am I not doing the same?" or "Why hadn't I thought of that before?"

Nathan Barry's blog carries more instructional and analytical posts. His focus is mostly on the "launching" phase of a product/service. That is his area of specialization. His latest product ConvertKit and latest book Authority epitomizes what he preaches. Buying his stuff is kind of like an inception-esque, self-fulfilling prophecy - the act of buying his work is, at the same time, proving what he espouses works. It's weird and working at the same time.

Both these guys' experience have really provided me a great deal of motivation to advance myself like they have done for themselves, but in my own way.

First things first. I want to commit to writing regularly. My aim is to write a blog post a week and a tutorial every two or three months. At the same time, I'm committing to using social media to promote the posts.

I will see how far I can go with this and how far I can persist.